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Various scripts, hints or patches
Note that some of those are very old
Sender envelope scheme for exim using a MySQL backend
djbdns DNS engine for dhisd
Systrace rules for dhisd using djbdns
Sitewide dspam integration in exim
Accented characters in samba 3
pkgconfig's openssl.pc for OpenBSD3.9 (place in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig)
patch for compiling tsclient 0.148 on OpenBSD
patch for compiling p0f-3.0.6b on OpenBSD
krb5-config for use on OpenBSD3.8 (may work for other releases)
list of most useful blacklists and the checker script
create custom bsd.rd
Run nginx in a chroot
Patch to compile maradns 1.3 on OpenBSD
Quick howto to make an almost seamless OpenBSD over your windows installation
Patch for pdnsd to correct root servers addresses
Quick howto to install a Xen DOM0 on NetBSD
Configure atmail web client under nginx
Install VMWare ESXi 4 from a hosting provider only allowing linux/BSD hosts
How to set up a chrooted shell system on OpenBSD
How to install Ubiquiti UniFi on OpenBSD
How to install traccar on OpenBSD
OpenBSD installation video
Headless upgrade OpenBSD to 5.5 with the time_t change
Patch to add a new sysctl to OpenBSD which prevents users from seeing other user processes (applies to 5.7-beta)
Patched pidgin for debian wheezy (solves certificate problems)
Script to whitelist IPs based on SPF records
Various small tricks
Generic arm binaries
Script (for OpenBSD) to generate a blacklist of ad sites for unbound
mongodb issues with memory protection
easy and clean way to recover root password on old Solaris running with a mirrored root
Convert OpenBSD i386 to amd64
Port of esniper on OpenBSD
Disable systemd-resolved
Install a proper vi version on debian
My signify key when signing OpenBSD packages
diff for opensmtpd filter-dnsbl to add 550 permanent code
Boot OpenBSD on oracle cloud for installation
Check for dns hijacking
Useful info
MCS rates index tables
How to read Cisco MCS rates
Impressum page

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